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Being a privately owned corporate, aimed at growth and prosperity both ourselves and our customers, we at ISSC NY Inc currently offer services and consulting in the following:

Business Development: This is what we do best! We live in a business environment – we love businesses and we are willing to learn and grow with our customers! If you have a business plan in mind – and you don’t know how to implement it – bring it here! There are millions of opportunities in the U.S. and worldwide and we can always help you analyze the market needs, build your strategy, and implement mutually developed business plans!

Sales: Besides everything, we offer assistance in developing your retail and wholesale strategies. We analyze market needs, build marketing strategy and work with you to increase your sales. ISSC NY Inc is a New York based wholesale/retail sale company focusing on sale of clothes, shoes, and products of sexual wellness.

Web Development: Business opportunities and growth becomes inalienable from Internet. If your business is not available online – you’re losing a significant share of your potential income. Give us a call to discuss smooth and profitable transition from a paper-based business into electronic, online-based infrastructure.

Finance & Accounting: Our Company provides a full range of accounting services. If your business is growing and you feel you need help - give us a call to discuss your needs. We can advise whether you need paid services or help you setup everything to do on your own.

Academic Planning: We have an experienced team of academic counselors. Our experts have many years of experience working in student admission and academic tutoring fields. If you plan to get a U.S. degree – in any industry – we’re always here to help you choose the right college or university as we have a huge network of partner schools.

Translations: No matter whether you need to translate a single-page document, a small brochure, a novel, a manual for newly developed equipment, legal document, medical handbook, or anything else – give us a call – we would be happy to discuss your needs and offer you the best solution.

Credential Evaluations: Regularly, people are confused when understanding “credential evaluation”. There are only a few agencies in the U.S. that offer credential evaluation services. If you need to better understand whether you do need an evaluation or do not, give us a call – we always have answers to yours questions.

Citizenship Services: Even though we’re not a law firm – every year we provide assistance to hundreds of permanent residents to become US & Canada citizen. If you need help in completing the forms, translating documents, we remain your trusted service provider.

Travel Industry: Our Company represents and serves as an Agent for a number of travel agencies worldwide. In addition, we do help run and develop travel business, airline ticketing, hotel and hostelling businesses.

Transportation Industry: No matter whether you plan to build a transportation company, or a brokerage, we can help you obtain necessary licenses to establish and grow your business. We have professionals with experience in transportation and brokerage industry.

Shipping: Our capabilities are unlimited! If you plan to ship your products abroad (export from U.S.), or would like to setup a streamlined shipping of your desired product (import) into the U.S – we have established relationships with a number of air and sea carriers.


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